LTL Auditing Services & Discounted Rates

Are you consistently shipping large quantities of items? If not, you are probably missing out on the lowest shipping rates and the best service times that larger freight clients enjoy. PMAC has created a buying consortium and transportation management process that delivers significantly better rates than you could achieve on your own, with no up-front costs. As a matter of fact, the PMAC consortium provides over $100 million in shipping volume leverage with carriers each year.

The transportation management process first helps by securing pricing typically up to 20% lower than market average. Based on your specific needs, you can decide online whether to prioritize your shipment by the lowest cost or best service and the system will identify the optimal carrier. Payments can also be consolidated into one weekly invoice and PMAC’s auditing process will ensure that you receive any credits due to rating errors, duplicate payments and overcharges.

Over the course of each shipment, you will be accruing a proprietary database of shipping costs so that you can better analyze opportunities for future savings and greater control. After using the rates and transportation management process for 60 days, most of our clients realize between 8% to 15% savings, without sacrificing service or changing operations.

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PMAC’s Four-Step Process

1. Negotiated Rates Means Discounted Pricing

Transportation is a commodity, and our consortium purchasing power allows PMAC to negotiate prices that our clients typically cannot obtain on their own. We contract with top-tier carriers.

Results: Save 10%-20% lower than market price. Maintain or improve customer service.

2. Optimize Carrier Selection, Transit Times, and Pricing

PMAC’s web Transportation Rater optimizes carrier selection, transit times, and pricing. The easy-to-use software allows clients to make the best shipping decisions and prioritizes low-cost or best service.

Results: Balances your customers’ needs while providing cost reductions. Simplifies the process and improves productivity by displaying all the alternatives on one site instead of many carrier sites.

3. Freight Payment Consolidated into One Weekly Invoice

PMAC’s 50-point, in-depth pre-payment audit captures information from actual carrier invoices, original bills of lading, and delivery receipts; corrects carrier errors; and processes and consolidates all freight bills into one easy-to-read weekly invoice for payment. In addition, this process creates a valuable proprietary database to gain control over freight costs.

Results: Saves 4%-8% by eliminating rating errors, duplicate payments, and overcharges. Improves productivity by capturing general ledger requirements and cost center allocations.

4. Measurement and Evaluation Reporting to Report on Transportation Usage and Analyze Future Savings Opportunities

The final stage of the four-step process delivers actionable management reports that go beyond typical accounting reports, providing a real-time overview of transportation information specific to your operations. Many companies believe if you can measure a cost, you can control it.

Results: Provides timely, accurate transportation performance reports. Builds a database that can ensure compliance with transportation policies and highlight opportunities for future savings.

PMAC’s Wide Range of Services

  • Web Transportation Management Software (TMS)
  • LTL Audit and Recovery
  • Inbound Vendor Routing and Compliance
  • International Shipment Arrangements and Processing
  • Integration to ERP or Order Management Systems
  • Port Deconsolidation and Assembly
  • Charge-back Avoidance
  • Spend Evaluation
  • Freight Payment
  • Return Management
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Truckload Shipments
  • Air and Expedited Shipments
  • Financial Reporting
  • LTL Carrier Rate Negotiation

Benefits of Using Consortium Negotiation Leverage and PMAC’s Four-Step Transportation Management Process:


  • Provides an opportunity to significantly reduce transportation costs by 8% and 15%
  • Reduces the erosion of product profit margins
  • Allows for a shift of resources to more strategic activities
  • Opportunity to outsource a non-core competency function


  • Volume leverage replaces negotiation skills as the strategy to manage freight costs
  • Provides a process for the reduction and continuous improvement of a primary expense
  • Continuous timely measure of performance means quicker corrections
  • Transportation management system optimizes best cost and service time decisions

PMAC’s wide range of services includes:

Auditing Services

PMAC’s auditing services are the most thorough in the industry. And PMAC completes our line item audit at no cost to you.

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Analysis/Consulting Services

PMAC recommends the best, most cost-efficient ways to utilize carrier networks by analyzing every facet of your current shipping patterns.

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Advanced Distressed Package Notification

Your shipments are time-sensitive. So when there’s a delivery problem or exception you deserve immediate notification.

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Loss/Damage Claims Management

The process of managing your loss and damage claims is often cumbersome and time consuming.

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LTL Auditing Services & Discounted Rates

Are you consistently shipping large quantities of items? If not, you are probably missing out on the lowest shipping rates and the best service times that larger freight clients enjoy.

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Rate/Contract Negotiation

Why go it alone in negotiating with carriers? PMAC’s experience and expertise are respected across the industry. We can provide invaluable assistance with your selection and contracting process.

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