PMAC Services

End-To-End Parcel Management Services

Auditing Services

PMAC’s auditing services are the most thorough in the industry. And PMAC completes our line item audit at no cost to you.

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Analysis/Consulting Services

PMAC recommends the best, most cost-efficient ways to utilize carrier networks by analyzing every facet of your current shipping patterns.

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Advanced Distressed Package Notification

Your shipments are time-sensitive. So when there’s a delivery problem or exception you deserve immediate notification.

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Loss/Damage Claims Management

The process of managing your loss and damage claims is often cumbersome and time consuming.

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LTL Auditing Services & Discounted Rates

Are you consistently shipping large quantities of items? If not, you are probably missing out on the lowest shipping rates and the best service times that larger freight clients enjoy.

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Rate/Contract Negotiation

Why go it alone in negotiating with carriers? PMAC’s experience and expertise are respected across the industry. We can provide invaluable assistance with your selection and contracting process.

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GL Coding & Cost Allocation

PMAC has successfully tackled and produced the most complex GL Coding and Cost Allocation Schema in Corporate America.

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Software Solutions

even for non-parcel related solutions, PMAC’s team of programmers can create, modify and source code all software needs for your company or individual purposes.

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Recovering Funds

We recover refunds for improperly invoiced shipments which are frequently missed by parcel carriers. PMAC ensures credit is made to your account. As a result, you will experience enhanced visibility and greater knowledge so you make smarter shipping decisions.

PMAC is available to help you identify the optimal carrier based on your requirements and budgetary constraints. We will negotiate your shipping contracts and position your business favorably to the carrier.