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Unrivaled Experience Benefits Your Bottom Line

Since 1998, PMAC has delivered the highest level of parcel visibility and shipping expenditure reductions to companies nationwide. Our experience and comprehensive knowledge of freight management and contract negotiations is unparalleled.

Our highly sophisticated software applications continue to pioneer the auditing services industry.

We understand the direct impact freight management can have on your business…from finance to customer service…and everything in-between.

This means your business is virtually guaranteed savings and reduced shipping expenzses…all without any additional cost to you.

Parcel Ally

Parcel Ally™…Absolute Clarity for All Your Shipments

The power behind PMAC’s success is the Parcel Ally software application. Parcel Ally is a proprietary web-based system that automatically generates the most comprehensive shipping reports and performs the industry’s most comprehensive line item audits. Immediately, you will be able to segment your shipments for billing accuracy and service reliability by one or multiple zip codes, states, towns or cities. Parcel Ally is so sophisticated that it will provide you with a complete shipping personality to help you more effectively manage expenses. And as carrier invoicing and contracts change or become more complicated, PMAC proactively develops intelligent tools to evaluate their impact upon your bottom line in real-time.

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Committed to Superior Customer Service

PMAC prides itself on providing personal service from real people. At PMAC you will never reach an unattended and impersonal automated phone system. Upon calling, you will be personally greeted by one of our courteous professionals. Your interests come first. Always!

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The PMAC Process
The PMAC Process