About PMAC: Philosophy

Isolate, Investigate, Eliminate, Reconciliate

Smart, effective small parcel freight auditing is essential to the profitability and management of your business.

PMAC’s approach is a comprehensive and meticulous 4-step process. It begins with a thorough understanding of the inherent (and deliberate) complexities of carrier invoicing: charge codes, service codes, service descriptions, as well as the knowledge of when and why the charges are assessed. As a matter of fact, our process is so crucial to carrier and customer that we have established submission guidelines with each carrier that are unique to PMAC.

Isolate: PMAC begins by isolating all charges on your invoices.

Investigate: We conduct a thorough investigation to determine if charges are correctly assessed and which charges are generic or specific to certain shippers due to special contractual considerations.

Eliminate: PMAC eliminates charges that are incorrectly assessed. Each carrier continually implements new charges and it is our duty to identify them quickly and evaluate their relevance and applicability.

Reconciliate: The final step is reconciliation which verifies that all eligible credits appear on subsequent invoices, and in the proper amounts.

The validation of all invoiced charges are assessed weekly and quarterly to ensure a continual flow of refunds that are due to you.

Example of the PMAC Process

Let’s assume you are assessed a DIM weight charge on a shipment. You have a special contractual consideration that the DIM divisor is 225 instead of the standard 194. PMAC will determine the DIM weight charge and verify that the correct DIM weight divisor was applied.

Package dimensions: 24” x 25” x 12” = 7200/194 = 37.1 billed weight

However, if the 225 DIM weight divisor applies: 24” x 25” x 12” = 7200/225 = 32 should be the billed weight

Result: A credit for 5.1 pounds due to a carrier billing error!

PMAC Action:
PMAC will eliminate the charges from the customer invoice by contacting the carrier in deliberate and detailed way on the customer’s behalf. A detailed email submission is made to the carrier outlining the reasons for the credit requests, along with all necessary information to expedite the request.


Visibility Tools & Key Business Metrics at your fingertips at absolutely no cost!

Multi-carrier side by side comparisons

  • Date range customization
  • Historical data kept for life
  • Alerts that can be “pushed” to any end-user (eg. Service type violations [Filter NEXT DAY AM, abuse, etc.]
  • Click-button formatting to Excel, CSV, Word and PDF
  • The most powerful dashboard capability in the industry
  • GL coding (additional costs may apply) and Cost Allocation
  • New ground and air DIM rules from January 2016 thru January 2017 will impact your transportation charges
  • Contract Negotiation Support (separate fees from audit savings)
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