2023 Freight Trends & Rate Analysis

2023 Freight Trends & Rate Analysis Now Available.

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Small Business: Surge in residential deliveries for carriers brings surcharges for shippers

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Rich Michals Jr.
Rich Michals Jr., president of Parcel Management Auditing and Consulting, says smaller shippers will have "to eat surcharges and extra costs or charge it to their customers and risk losing them." Credit: Parcel Management Auditing and Consulting Inc.

Achieve Total Parcel Visibility

Whether you ship hundreds of parcels annually — or hundreds of thousands — chances are you’re not recapturing the cost of late, damaged, lost or incorrectly billed parcels. PMAC understands that your freight carrier relationships are vital to your success. Carriers recognize and respect the accuracy of our inquiries and they work with PMAC to correct mistaken invoices, so you receive the refunds you are owed.

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20 Reasons to Audit Your Freight Bills

  • Sleep well knowing you are getting billed correctly
  • Onus is on PMAC to find refunds or we do not get paid
  • The carriers will ONLY give you the $$ back if it is incorrectly billed and owed to you
  • Visibility solutions provided for free with audit
  • Visibility solutions will help your company and staff save additional monies, time and resources
  • PMAC is a cost-free extension of your logistics team
  • Ability to manage your carrier relationship more effectively
  • Shipping pattern insights will drive efficiencies
  • Re-imbursement for late deliveries
  • Data-storage and retrieval forever. PMAC will store all invoice and tracked data long after carriers delete and/or archive data
  • Manage customer relationships better by using PMAC free web solutions and visibility tools
  • You can’t manage what you can’t see- drill-down account management
  • Carrier invoicing and contract language are designed to be confusing; PMAC clears the confusion instantly
  • Dimensional weights have become increasingly problematic for shippers over the last few years; PMAC is the only audit firm that provides dimensional weight adjustment audits
  • “Finger-tip consultants” an email or call away
  • Copy of PMAC is simply the BEST shipper’s advocate in the industry
  • Thousands of insightful reports
  • Create your own custom reports
  • GL Coding
  • Making sure you are billed correctly for free-It’s the responsible thing to do

Our Mission: Reduce your Shipping Costs


Freight billing errors can account for over 3% of your supply budget. PMAC eliminates charges that are incorrectly assessed, and verifies that all eligible credits appear on subsequent invoices.


PMAC looks at every single tracking number/charge to assure you are billed accurately. Worst Case: PMAC finds your packages arrive on time and you are billed correctly. You still have web based report- ing and analytics for free.


A cost-free extension of your logistics team, PMAC does not get paid unless they save your company money!


Over 100 standard complimentary re- ports with the ability to create custom ad-hoc reporting that can be “pushed”or “pulled” to any end user. Your company will have far greater freight visibility tools to download and view line item shipping detail.


PMAC will provide your company the ability to better manage these costs that can impact your bottom line.


PMAC can help negotiate contracts and rates with your carriers, and provide contract optimization solutions that are right for your company.