A Slant on Carrier Rates for 2008

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Reprinted from Parcel Magazine – December 2007 eNews
by Richard D. Michals, Jr.

It is that time of year again where the small parcel carriers outline the new rates and charges for the coming year. The rate increase/surcharge and accessorials increases are detailed in the links below that go directly to the carrier web sites.

The increase to the base rates did not come as a shock to us, although the carriers seem to be enjoying increased profit margins on their deferred service products. Particularly the double-digit margins in GDS (ground) services. Your small parcel carrier performs an outstanding and invaluable service to your business; premium services at premium pricing with premium standards. The largest impact of these increases will fall on the small to medium size customer.

We will continue to provide you increased visibility solutions, monitor and hold your carriers to their service standards in this environment of higher pricing and increased profitability. The increases in surcharges and accessorials concern us a bit more.

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